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We are happy to report that we've gone completely virtual!  We now conduct visits with you "in your home" for basic non-life threatening, non-emergent conditions via our secure and HIPAA compliant portal known as HealthTap.

We're excited about the possibilities this can offer to you for in-home visits for minor conditions, medication needs and to participate in a weight management program in the privacy of your home.

Our partners in this endeavor also include Thorne Research, which provides its own secure portal for reviewing and ordering nutraceutical products, supplements, and an array of multivitamins, minerals and alternative medicine formulations to meet your health and wellness needs.  We'll even send you an email with a link to create your own account (it's free) once we've established you as a patient through HealthTap.

​We look forward to collaborating with you in the near future!
Appointment Scheduling
Visit the Virtual Practice of Dr. Joseph De Santi on HealthTap
HealthTap Prime and Concierge may be used for limited medical care (as appropriate).
On HealthTap Prime and Concierge, as available and appropriate for virtual consults, diagnosis and prescriptions are available. HealthTap Prime and Concierge are not a substitute for: health insurance, a primary care doctor, or in-person health care interactions. You agree not to use HealthTap Prime as a substitute for health insurance or a primary care doctor or in- person doctor visits. You understand and agree that prescriptions on HealthTap prime are limited in type and duration, and you agree not to use HealthTap Prime to request prescriptions for any medications or for any duration not permitted via HealthTap Prime.

Source: HealthTap, https://www.healthtap.com/terms