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Who Are Our Partners?
MD In Your Home, P.C. proudly uses the services of reputable companies to provide you goods and services that you may find helpful in your quest for better health and fitness.  We've come to trust their services and products, and in many instances have actually used the products ourselves.  We hope you consider these partners when seeking to fulfill a need you may have.  As always, feel free to make inquires with the office if you have specific questions or concerns.  Check back frequently, as we add new services periodically.
Thorne Research's pure encapsulations.
Thorne Research has a wonderful array of products to address your need for high quality, reliable nutraceuticals.  With its various vitamins, minerals, and supplements as well as organic products you can easily fulfill any need.  Learn more about their commitment to high quality manufacturing and unsurpassed quality.  Consider visiting our customized product dispensary and signing up as a new client to receive periodic updates and other helpful information along with loyalty discounts up to 35% with regular ordering.  Signing up is free and you might enjoy receiving tips and interacting with our medical professionals to help guide you through your learning to achieve better health and wellness.
Caveat Emptor!  Check out these recent news articles on "supplements" (not worthy to be called supplements) that were sold at four major retailers identified in New York state.  The problem is more than likely national, which is why we purchase and recommend supplements only from Thorne Research.
Thorne Research
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And, check out Basic Nutrients 2/Day one of our most popular multivitamin and mineral supplements (we use these ourselves)!​

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